The Suite Life of a NAVIGATOR – Seas the Day

Sea days are a good excuse to sleep in… If your body lets you.

The seas the first night had the ship moving around a good bit. At first it was easy to fall asleep but there were a couple times I stirred as a result. No sea sickness though. When we woke that morning, Brian and Kristin mentioned that they didn’t get much sleep as a result.

With morning, came time for breakfast. This would be yet another run to Windjammer because it was only 2 flights up and so easy. It was a little gray outside this morning, but no matter. We were on a cruise in the Caribbean, just off the coast of Cuba. Weather was due to clear some.

After breakfast I decided to give the spa another chance for getting a pedicure done. Mom went to walk around a little, while Brian and Kristin decided to hang in and out of the pools. As it turned out, my luck today was better and I was able to get a pedicure booked for 2:30. Appointment made, I decided to walk around the open decks to kill some time and get some drinks.

I like how Carnival has cool cups you can buy over the course of the cruise. Occasionally, I buy one of the fish cups for friend’s kids. Asking around, I was told to check out the specials up on the open decks. On deck 11 mid-ship, there was a table set up for special drinks and packages. If you bought a certain amount of beers, you’d get either a small or large bottle bag with bottle opener. There were plastic cups with the company logo and flashing LEDs available too. Asking the server, that was as special as it got. Shoot, well thats cool I guess. However the table also had hollowed-out coconuts and pineapples that you could have filled with pina coladas or some other kind of drink that I forgot. The choice for me was obvious! Get a pina colada filled pineapple! I walked around the decks for a good while sipping from it, getting looks from people who didn’t know about them.


Lunch was good today too. In Windjammer it was typical fare. There were a couple switched items and a different kind of curry dish. While my digestive issues were kept at bay with meds, I did sample the curry dishes when I could since I loved Indian Food. I cannot remember specifically what I had at what time, but ALL the curry dishes I tried were great!

After lunch, I went to the spa to have my pedicure done. It was a typical Steiner operation with reception and a wait area, where you filled out questions that are more personal than you expect. One of the staff mentioned to me that there would be an acupuncture special. I was interested, but it depended on how long the pedicure took. From my experience, it’s always been Jamaican women who do the pedicures on ships and this was no different. I cannot remember her name, but she had the most awesome laugh. She would get a kick out of me laughing every time she used the whatever-its-called that softens the soles of my feet. She had a great sense of humor and fun to talk to. She didn’t really try to shove Elemis products down my throat either. While it would have been nice to have some windows in the spa, everything else on this experience was perfect. I even tipped her extra. After the spa.. it was goofing around for a while before dinner.


This evening the dress code was “Formal.” Given my mom had issues with reflux, I had booked 5:30 assigned dining for this cruise. A little earlier than I liked, but not a big issue. A bigger issue actually wound up being that I forgot my dress shoes! I would have to use my top-siders and hope that I didn’t get many bad looks.

We made a pit-stop at the Concierge Club before dinner. Li filled some wine glasses for us before we headed down to Deck 3 to get to our table. Table 319 was where we were assigned. It said 4 and was waited up by Konstyntyn (Ukrainian) and his assistants, an Indonesian gentleman, whose name I cannot remember, and a taller blond woman, who’s name I failed to learn. Dinner itself was excellent. This night in-particular my brother tried the escargot. I had what I think was the Chicken Cordon Bleu this night. We skipped desert this night because we wanted to catch some trivia in the Schooner Bar. After we finished our mains, we headed out. Mom thanked Konstyntyn in Russian which he seemed to appreciate.


Trivia this evening at the Schooner Bar was movie/TV themes. Twenty clips, lasting 6 seconds, played twice, was all you would get from the host. The prize? Royal Caribbean lanyards. There were a few themes we got hung-up on, but in the end, WE WON!!! What an excellent way to cap the evening!

Mom was tired and headed back to the suite. Brian and Kristin went to walk around the ship for a little while. I headed up to deck 11 to see what movie was playing before I decided to head back to the suite as well. Tomorrow would be a busy day in Grand Cayman with all the plans we had.




I figured this would be a good post to post photographs of the different areas of the ship with a small blurb on it’s layout. I should point out that these photographs were taken at roughly 3am one night when the club had let out and there were few people in the public areas.

This ship is indeed very much like the Independence (Freedom Class) that I sailed on 3 years earlier, that is essentially a stretched Voyager Class. Main differences are decks 5, 11, and 12. On the interior promenade of Independence Sorrentos takes the place of the Cafe Promenade. Cafe Promenade is then moved more mid-ship, a deck above Boleros. Independence also had its own dedicated barber shop, and Ben & Jerry’s, instead of having them incorporated into other parts of the ship. On Navigator, a dry dock refitting saw the night club get moved to the Cosmopolitan Club, with additional cabins taking place of the area that was the night club. Although now smaller, I think it was a smart move as there were less cabins to be affected by the throbbing dance music. Independence’s Deck 11 has an additional kids pool area in front of the aft elevator lobby. It also has the HATEFUL revolving doors instead of the sliding ones that worked perfectly fine on Navigator. These are really the major differences. Both are great ships, though I don’t think I’d want to sail anything larger than Independence.

Now for some photos…

Starting in Deck 4. The Schooner Bar, Outside Promenade Deck


Schooner Bar


Entrance to Metropolis Theater


Outside Promenade, Port Side.

Deck 5, Royal Promenade.


R Bar


Shopping/Duty Free


Two Poets Pub


Inside Two Poets Pub


Cafe Promenade


Star Lounge


Sapphire Dining Room

Upper Decks, 11 & 12, Including Windjammer and outside public areas.


Entrance to Windjammer, “Washy, Washy”


The Plaza Bar at beginning of Windjammer



Solarium Pools




Johnny Rockets


Cosmopolitan Club


Diamond Lounge

There will be some more ship photos in future days as well. Thats it for now!

5 thoughts on “The Suite Life of a NAVIGATOR – Seas the Day

  1. So looking forward to more of your review. Great pictures! Same itinerary for my family last week in April. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your review 🙂

  2. Hi Sean,

    Speaking of the “lively” seas that morning, I went down to the Cafe Promenade around 5 AM for a cup of coffee, and then walked all around the ship. I can tell you it was still as deserted at 5 as it was at 3 AM when you shot your pictures, but that the water in swimming pools was being sloshed around with such force that it was shooting a good six feet into the air each time it crashed into the pool end. Didn’t have my camera with me!

    We also ate in the MDR on “Formal Night”, after a specialty restaurant (Chops Grill) on the first night. Like you, we had fantastic service (on level 5) all three nights we dined there. I also had bought myself a bottle of wine in Chops (my wife doesn’t enjoy wine), though I was skeptical of the promise that my unfinished bottle would easily “follow me” no matter where we ate. Well, that turned out to be true – my bottle made it from Chops to MDR to Giovanni’s Table to MDR without a hitch. But I must say that, with one minor exception, we found the staff on this ship to be excellent.

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