Life, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of a Sweet Vacation – Sea Day.

Ahhh, a relaxing day at sea.

You know how you’re supposed to sleep in on sea days? Especially after being up at 3am to walk around the ship?.. Well, my body’s clock decided I should wake up at 8 anyways. There was some cool stuff happening that day, so I figured why not get out and chill a little while.

I got up, showered, and took some of my medication again to help with my guts. I figured I should enjoy the sea day brunch. It’s always nice to be seated with others and (aside from my Suess Brunch experience on Splendor – never again) the food is always good. My roommate Stacy was up too and joined me for breakfast. We sat down at a round table for 8. Next to us were some people from Florida and some others from what I think was Ohio. The brunch menus were the same as before with the wacky french toast and yuevos rancheros. Despite having steak the night before, I ordered the steak and eggs. The filet was perfect although my sunny side up eggs were exceptionally runny. The preparation of eggs seemed a little “off” this cruise, but I digress. It was still cool though because they went well with the potatoes. This morning I even had some coffee (though decaf). Looking outside, today was clear, with a little bit of rocking. The perfect sea day. I like feeling like I’m on a ship and it certainly did.

After breakfast, found a bunch of the gang at the aft pool talking in the morning sun and having conversation. I decided to don my trunks and join them. After all, the pool was actually a nice temperature and the sun was already melting people’s skin. My new friends Jack and Sally had a spare lounger that I set my stuff on. I also brought my ION camera for later use on the water slide. I got in the pool for a while and it was real nice being there just hanging in the water and talking. It seemed though that the aft pool could use maintenance because many of the tiles had come off. I also noticed that some of the inside surface of the pool was chipped pretty badly. Not sure how, but while it wasn’t that big of a deal, It really seemed the whole pool needed a good resurfacing. Seeing as how Liberty’s last dry dock was 2012, it will probably be 2017 before a complete fix.

After floating around in the pool for an hour or so, I decided to head over to the slide. It was supposed to open at 10 and when I neared, I found it out of use. I guess it was still just a little too windy or perhaps the seas were too rough for it to open. Only slightly disappointed, I headed back to the aft pool. This time I grabbed a drink and hung out. I couldn’t help but notice that the staff were doing something I had never seen on previous cruises. Keeping kids out of the aft “Adults Only” pool. I’m not that bothered by them, but it was nice not having screaming or lots of splashing. Just being able to quietly relax that morning was great. Every time that a parent tried to bring their child to the pool the staff would ask them nicely to move to the other ones. Because of this, I found this area of the ship better than Serenity. The only thing I noticed was that they were a little quick to close the aft roof where I didn’t think it was necessary. I can only say that they know more reasons why they did that, than me though.

After a little more time in the pool, I decided to make another go of the slide. Hoping it was open, I made my way forward. I was rewarded with water flowing, and the sounds of people enjoying their descent down it. Yes! It was open! The slide actually looked like it was recently reconditioned and was a deeper green than ones I’d seen on other Conquest or Triumph Class ships. There was a little bit of a line for it, but it didn’t take too long for my turn to come up.

VIDEO – Going down the slide!

After the slide, I headed back to the cabin and changed into my regular shorts. I was going to grab a burger from Guy’s and a burrito from the Cantina. The burger was a little better than the last and the burrito was excellent. After lunch, I met Carol at the Red Frog Rum Bar for some drinks. She (being an awesome person) ordered me two Estrella Dauras. Not only were they gluten-free, they were pretty decent! We sat and talked for a little while and watched the mixology contest while waiting for the Hairy Chest Competition, followed by the Groove for St. Jude. When the time came for the competition, I found out that one of the people in our group was judging. She made it a point to ask to be a judge and during the introductions she really enjoyed it. Myself, I thought it was pretty bad. That was the first time I had watched one all the way through. This one French Canadian contestant was a riot though and the language barrier made it even funnier.


After the competition, the time came for the Groove for St. Jude. I always donate and bring home a shirt. I did much the same, but after getting less sleep than before, it was starting to take a little bit of a toll on me. Instead of hanging out for the deck party, I won’t up thanking Carol for the drinks (and promising to get her some) then heading to the cabin for a good nap.

It was probably going on 5 when I woke up again. I headed outside onto lido and was greeted by the sound of reggae and steel drums. They had a calypso band playing?!.. Sort of. It was a duo. One guy with a guitar and another with a steel drum. Still though, it was music to my ears and something I missed on my previous Carnival cruises (Royal had a GREAT calypso band). They played a really nice selection of songs/covers. It was much more appropriate listening to them than the acoustic artist that was frequenting the lobby. I found it a little odd that they chose an acoustic musician for the lobby this cruise. On Breeze out of Miami, they had a salsa duo playing the lobby. With this ship out of Puerto Rico, I thought that would make more sense. That said, I didn’t spend too much time in the lobby other than walking through. While enjoying the calypso, I could see the outline of St. Lucia in the distance as we sailed past, to the North of the island. I took a photo and sent it to my mom who was unsurprisingly jealous.

The Pitons barely visible on the horizon.

VIDEO – Calypso duo “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Tonight was formal night. I didn’t really pack anything formal so I decided to go goofy. I had this 80’s/tropical print button-up that I was looking for a good excuse to wear. This night was it because they couldn’t turn me away from the dining room wearing this, my slacks, and my white slip-ons. I walked along the promenade and even took a few goofy photos with one of the photographers. Walking along, I made my way over to the Alchemy Bar where I found Carol and bought her drinks since she had bought my beers. The Alchemy Bar if you’ve never been is more of a martini bar, but makes some really excellent drinks. We also had an excellent bartender named Tijana. She was awesome at mixing drinks and had a great personality. First we had a watermelon themed Cucumber Sunrise, then it was a chocolate-based Deal Closer. It was great! Like drinking a boozy chocolate milk. I was glad I had taken my med earlier because I was really putting it to the test today.


8pm rolled around and I took my Deal Closer with me to the main dining room. This was actually the first night I would be sitting at my actual table, 656. My waiter was Ivan. Great guy. He knew what was up with my diet and offered advice and told me he would have the chef prepare things as needed if possible. I had surf & turf the night before, but being formal night, I was not going to be shy about having two lobster tails. No dessert for me though.

After dinner there was a show and some people in the comedy club. I didn’t really have much interest though. Instead I wound up walking around the promenade, people watching, and having some wine. I also stopped by the arcade where a machine cheated me out of a Casio watch 5 times. After which, I went to the rubber duck machine next to it and at least made it back to my cabin with a couple of them.

I was tired and didn’t really know why. Sleepy time had come and I was looking forward to Barbados.

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