A Tropical BREEZE to Clear My Head – At Sea

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I had the full intention to sleep in as late as I could Sunday morning. It was just not meant to be though as I had some trouble staying asleep, even after a late night tour of the ship. It didn’t help that the thunder from the bucket one deck up had returned (who uses the water park this early?). Being 7:30 most guests were still likely sleeping, so I decided to take advantage and get some breakfast before all the lines.

Here is the awesome location of Cabin 11275.

Now, before I get too far ahead a note about the shower in this particular room. Being a handicap-accessible room the shower must have ample room for a chair or maneuvering. Instead of a sill to keep water from getting into the rest of the bathroom, there were grates that ran the length of the shower’s outside edge and along the bottom of the bathroom door as well. There was also a very necessary, yet small, bath mat for people who stood in the shower. The last and puzzling thing I noticed was the shower curtain. didn’t go all the way to the other side when fully extended, leaving about a foot of gap… Ok no biggie. It covered the area where water would splash/spray. Sort-of. When I took a shower I soon learned that the laughably small foot towel was very inadequate. The water would splash off me, run down the curtain, and then onto the floor BEYOND the grates. Because the ship was moving and the curtain didn’t run to the floor, it would sway mostly beyond where it was meant to drain. When I was done showering, I couldn’t help but laugh because there was water all over the bathroom floor. This issue I resolved by adding a medium towel along the floor next to the shower. That worked better and kept most of the water from going past the shower grate. Moving along…

Breakfast… I had waited for this since my cruise on Carnival Glory in December 2012. This ship had a Blue Iguana Cantina which meant, BREAKFAST BURRITOS. HELL YES. There was a moment the Blue Iguana stopped serving them months prior, but resumed shortly before this cruise. Man, was I glad they did. The breakfast burritos were delicious. The only thing that was different was the chicken-sausage which wasn’t that good. Sitting down on lido by the large windows, I watched the sea go by as I enjoyed my breakfast. I couldn’t help but notice it was windy and a not really that warm. Many of the waves had caps to them. Dang. I had really been hoping to that I would be feeling the warmth of the Bahamas as we sailed through them.

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I stopped back by the cabin for a little while. I found a note saying Kim had sent me some on-board credit. Dang, she’s awesome :). I exited the cabin and thought about how I would use it.

SeaKim (1 of 1)

As the day progressed, deck parties and activities ensued. I didn’t really take part in much because I was still feeling kind of achy and tired. My nose was still leaking a fair amount and the wind wasn’t really helping much on the outer decks. I could tell that not as many guests as usual were enjoying it as well due to the cooler-than-expected weather. I walked around inside for a little while and decided with not much on my agenda, I may as well do something to make myself feel a little better. I made my way up to the Cloud 9 Spa and booked a men’s pedicure for 6pm that evening. After having done that, I made my way outside and found a nice spot in Serenity where I fell in and out of sleep for a while. Between naps, I looked at the nearby water park and noticed how few kids were enjoying it, perhaps because of the cooler and overcast weather. I knew that at some point I wanted to take advantage of the slides but with the weather and way I was feeling at the time, I decided to keep it for another day. Glancing further down the ship, I noticed that the ropes course was closed. I had assumed that it would be open every sea day, but obviously it was just a little too windy for it to be used safely. I also wanted to try this, but waited until later as well.

Tonight was going to be Elegant Night. Before getting ready, I wandered the ship a while. There was a lot to this ship and much going on. Because I was doing my own thing, I never really caught on with any specific activity because most were in the middle of whatever they were doing. This kept me moving along, which in turn actually made me feel a little bit better. The less I was stationary and the more I just kept going, the closer to normal I felt. The song lyrics began to play in my head… “Oh no… I’ve got to keep on movin” and sort-of became my mind-set for the rest of the cruise. I tried not to stay anywhere for too long.

It was almost 6pm. I walked over to the spa. The layout was odd, in that you would go to the greeting desk at the entrance on deck 12, then you’d walk further ahead, up stairs, and then check in again with another desk upstairs.

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I had a seat in a waiting room that played calming music that consisted off whale mating calls and the like. It was calming though. Not too long after, I was greeted by the woman who was doing my men’s pedicure. She was a nice girl from Jamaica. I can’t remember her name. I sat in the big massage chair and put my feet in the great feeling water before she got to work on them. She was pretty cool to talk to and we joked about a few things. She also did an excellent job on my feet and said that despite me working on them for a living, they were in great condition. He co-worker arrived and said she had some back pain and could use a massage herself. I imagined that it probably gets tired being hunched over working on people’s (potentially nasty) feet. After she was done with my pedicure, I felt awkward putting my well-used sandals on, and left her a nice tip. My feet and lower legs felt like a million bucks (or what I think it would feel like).

Time came around to start getting ready for dinner. I got back to the cabin and found Andrew. He was already good to go. I noticed his clothes were ironed and asked where the laundrette was. He said there was one on Deck 10 close to the stairs, but it was packed, and that there was another mid-ship on Deck 7 that was empty. I grabbed a nice shirt and pair of pants and made my way to the room on Deck 7 where sure enough, was an empty laundrette.
This was my first cruise and I enjoyed the American Table dining so far. Tonight being Elegant Night, it was American Feast. Not much was different aside from jugs of water not being kept on the table and few different menu selections. The only thing I wasn’t really a fan of was the term “American Feast.” It makes me think of some morbidly obese person filling themselves to the gills with drumsticks and fried foods. Why not just call it what it is… “Elegant Dinner” instead?

Standing under the chandelier outside the Blush Dining Room waiting for it to re-open.

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Anyhow, Tonight it was the usual suspects. All the women, Andrew, and I. Once again, we all had good conversation and the food was excellent. I had ordered two lobster tails and only received one. However, I didn’t care too much because by the time I was ready to have my creme brulee, I was already starting to feel full, thanks to me mistakenly eating somebody else’s soup.

With dinner over, I had a slight headache again and decided to just take it easy. I changed out of my nice clothes and walked outside. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had just started on the big screen, so I took a seat and watched the rest. I very-much felt like I was watching one of the new tacky Transformers movies instead of the TMNT cartoon or movies I had seen when I was younger. Not wanting to do much else, I watched the movie through the end, cursing Michael Bay in my mind. When the movie was over I made my way inside to bed.

Now before I end this day’s post, I should mention that in the cabin, the TV was on for the night, with the channel that shows the forward view off the bow of the ship. This would give me and sense of time and would give me a sense of how things were outside. This channel was interesting the next day and occasionally throughout the rest of the cruise.

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