A Tropical BREEZE to Clear My Head.

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Hey there! It’s been a while.

Time for another go around of how my vacation went. I’ll need to catch you up a little as things have really been a roller coaster the last few months and I really didn’t have the time or energy to commit to my page. That has changed though and I’m ready to bring you another chapter in my quest to see as much of the Caribbean as possible.

Remember how I had a sinus infection before boarding Carnival Splendor? Maaan, that was only the beginning of my problems. Weeks after returning from that vacation, I started developing awkward pains and additional sinus infections. I became over-medicated and began having anxiety issues. My issues became so bad that I had severe headaches, anxiety attacks, and some depression. Due to this, I had to cancel my vacation that I had planned to take on Carnival Conquest. I had to see numerous specialists. I had multiple doctor visits each week. As soon as I tried to fix something, I feel back on another issue. My problems were unending and nobody really knew what was wrong with me. I knew though, I needed to get away for a little while but was unsure if I could. I wanted to see my Grandfather but had to push back that visit two times. I wanted to make a break for it, I really had to muster up all I could to make it.

After cancelling my cruise I had planned for January, I planned my back-up on Carnival Breeze. The newest ship in service in their fleet. It has been receiving excellent reviews and has much of what I was looking for in a ship. To make up for my missed-cruise, I booked the March 28th itinerary. It was an 8 day cruise featuring the ports of Grand Turk, La Romana (Dominican Republic), Curacao, and Aruba. The 3 latter I had not yet visited and were on my radar. I also figured that with all Carnival Breeze had to offer, it was best since there would be three sea days.

I should mention that I had purchased travel insurance through Travel Guard (AIG) and had to go through the claim process. I had to provide/fill out a bunch of forms and wait 4 weeks, but in the end, I got back all my money aside from what I paid to purchase the insurance. Working with them on my claim was pretty easy though. I used Travel Guard again for my cruise on Carnival Breeze. I will in the future as well when I don’t purchase insurance through the cruise lines.

Anyhow, I re-booked everything for later in March. I would be flying down to Jacksonville, Florida on the 25th and visiting with my Grandfather. That Friday, I’d drive 5-6 hours to Ft. Lauderdale where I’d stay for a night before catching Carnival Breeze the next morning. It was all planned out, but unfortunately would not stay that way.

March rolls around and I feel no better really than I had. I was stressing-out considerably and was really beginning to worry again that I might have to cancel another vacation. As the 25th drew closer and closer it started to set in that I might be asking too much of myself to have this elaborate vacation I had planned. The Monday before I was to fly rolled around and made a tough call to cancel the first part of my trip to visit with my Grandfather. I was simply not feeling up to it and didn’t think it would be possible that Wednesday. In a last-ditch effort to see if I could save the rest of my vacation I made an appointment with my Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist to have a Balloon Sinusplasty done to relieve much of the sinus issues I was having. My fingers crossed, I hoped this could be the answer, if not at least part of it.

I had the sinusplasty done the Wednesday before my rescheduled flight on Friday. The procedure itself was very awkward and occasionally very painful, but I sucked-it-up and made the best of it. When I was being prepped, I mentioned to the nurses my travel plans and they looked at me with surprise and told me that I would not be up for flying two days afterwards. Fortunately my specialist corrected them but warned I would likely not be very comfortable. I told them to go ahead and get it done. First my sinuses were first treated with three rounds of anesthesia. The first spray made a mess. It ran throughout my sinuses, down my throat and around my mouth. Everything was numb. Everything was awkward. Then came swabs and needles. Not really painful, but ok. When the actual insertion of the tiny balloon came, things got turned up a good notch. Six times they would expand a balloon in my sinus passages, spreading them open. This was on occasion VERY painful as it was difficult for them to numb all of the areas in my sinuses. Some passages were also more hard to work with than others. It was unpleasant to say the least, but fortunately only took an hour.

After wrapping up the procedure, my nose was a stream of blood and mucus-ey drainage. Fortunately the blood stopped that night. The drainage lasted for days though as did some residual minor pain. After having gone through that I became determined to make my vacation. I needed a break from it all, even if I did jack $#!%.

I wound up going, but man, it was a little bumpy at first. More in the coming days! Stay tuned because I will have a lot of photos and video to stare with you.

My Travel Agent at Ban Travel
Travel Guard Insurance

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