2014: Year in Review.

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2014 was an excellent year for me as far as vacations. I learned a few things here and there, most of which I’ve shared with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my experiences. What I posted might have been a lot of reading for some folks who tend to have shorter attention spans though. So I’ll break down my year in some easy to read notes.

-Ultra Music Festival: A hot mess of awesome music and crazy people asking me for “molly.” Next year will be the first year the festival as a minimum age of 18. Stinks for the kids, but its for the better without a doubt.

-Carnival Victory: Showing it’s age, and had less features than newer ships, but provided a good experience. Truth be told, though being the smallest ship I’ve been on, it was the perfect size. The ship is to go into dry dock for updating in late March.

-Nassau, Bahamas: This place has a lot of people talking badly about it, but I found it to be a pretty decent. Not great, but a enjoyable time can be had. There a plenty of options in Nassau. I suppose I can understand how more seasoned cruisers may dislike how frequently ships visit. Crime is said to be an issue though as the State Dept has made warnings. The ship’s cruise director made comment as well.

-Traveling with Sinusitis: Get travel insurance, fly with Benedryl, and make sure you’re stocked with medicines you may need. The warmer, more humid air of the Caribbean might help as well.

-Group Cruise Facebook Pages: Join one if available. You’ll meet awesome people and get good advice from those who may have previous knowledge.

-Carnival Splendor: Pink-zebra donuts everywhere, a lousy DJ, but the best time ever on a ship with new friends.

-Martinique: A port that seems to be undergoing more development, trying to attract more lines. Stuff is kind-of expensive thanks to the Euro. Language and cars are French. Taxi drivers and tour operators not looking to drive solos around.

-Grenada: Beautiful beyond words can explain. Go see it!

-Dominica: The most lush of the Caribbean islands I have seen. I can’t wait to see it again. If you’ve ever thought of river tubing, this is the place to do  it!

-Long Repositioning Itineraries: A wonderful way to see some ports that are less visited. They’re ports usually too far or expensive to be visited regularly. Consider doing at least one.

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