MIAMI, MUSIC, & MARITIME – Cruise Day 5, At Sea.

Somebody had indulged the night before. Thanks to some drinking and the late-night Mexican buffet, it was one of those coffee and Alka Seltzer kind of mornings. I had a really good time that night and was paying the price. I had intended to sleep-in but when 9:30am rolled-around, I couldn’t stay in bed any longer. I got up, took some stuff, and then proceeded to walk the outside decks for a little bit.

The sea was actually fairly calm versus the days before. There wasn’t too much wind. It was beautiful and sunny I noticed that overnight the Liberty had over-taken us. Perhaps for one reason or another, they needed to get to Miami more quickly.

About an hour later I was feeling a little better, so I went down to the Pacific Dining Room to indulge in the Sea day Brunch. I remember it being pretty good when I was on the Glory. I was seated with 6 others at a round table. I started talking to a nice couple about cruising, then we talked about kids, then dogs, our crappy winters, etc. We ordered all our food. I chose the steak and eggs as did many at our table. The steak was a small filet and the eggs were over-easy. Good thing the steak was a medium filet because they didn’t provide steak knives (oops). It was great though. It felt good to have some food in my stomach and not just coffee/alka seltzer. I stuck around a little while after eating and discussed cruising some more with the others. Most were first timers.

After breakfast, I headed over to formalities and made my St. Jude donation. I also bought some funship-funnel shaped candy in case I felt like trying to schmooze a flight attendant into getting me some free stuff the next day. I then headed up to the top decks to look for Matt and Kristen, but couldn’t find them anywhere. I grabbed an aft lounger and laid around for a while. The sun felt great. On lido deck, I could hear them doing the Hairy Chest Contest and then Groove for St. Jude. I napped for a little while. Then I headed around the ship making sure to look at things I might have missed. I grabbed an Irish coffee from the coffee shop (really good). I made my way over to the pixels gallery and bought some photos. I got a free lanyard, luggage tag, and cup. Neat! I had kept a ship USB from a prior cruise and had them upload all my photos onto it. Some were pretty goofy, others were really good.

After buying some photos, I headed up top again to see if I could bump into Matt and Kristen. No dice this time too. I then grabbed a late lunch from the deli in the form of a ham and cheese. These are really good though sometimes they don’t really melt the cheese. I also made my way over to a pool bar and bought a funnel cup. I always buy one when I cruise and write the ship and date underneath it. If they EVER discontinue these (or disco cups), I’ll be pretty unhappy!


In the mid-afternoon there as a Past Guest Party in the Adriatic Lounge. When I got there, I was really surprised at the amount of gold, platinum, and diamond guests. Almost everyone I had paid attention to on the cruise was either a first timer or red status. When we were seated, they were passing out appetizers (I grubbed quite a bit on these tiny turkey sandwhiches) and a mixed drink that tasted sort of like fruit juice with vodka. A band performed a few songs. They then had a slideshow of all the ships that were and are currently in Carnival’s fleet asking us to cheer when they featured a ship we had cruised. Afterwards, it was a greet of the head staff on the ship including the captain. Once they made their rounds, they invited everyone up on stage for a special prize. I didn’t go. Joke was on them because it was a dance they learned to Mambo #5. Haha! No thanks! I headed off after that.

After the past guest party, I spent some time people watching along the interior promenade. I went back to my cabin, showered, and made my way to the Pacific Dining Room for my last dinner with Brianna and Nicole. I forget what we had for apps and main, but we all had the WCMC with 2 scoops of ice cream. The servers danced one last time to “I gotta feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. It was kind of sad leaving the dining room for the last time. I exchanged my contact information with Brianna and Nicole and we all went to go pack.

After packing, I made my way around the ship, taking some last photos before heading to bed. I wanted to be up and off the ship early because I had a flight out of Ft. Lauderdale at 12:30. Not only that, but with large ships in Port there, lines were sure to be long. While I was walking around, I noticed something that caused concern. On deck 10, above the aft bar and pizza pirate, there appeared to be tiny bits of rust and ash scattered all over the deck and loungers. I thought it could be 2 things, stuff dislodged from a rigorous deck cleaning, or possibly something blown-out one of the exhaust ports on the funnel. It was ONLY on the port side though. Odd. I figured if we didn’t make Miami in the morning, I’d know why.



I hit the hay around 10. I didn’t fall asleep though, as the party continued downstairs on deck 5. The karaoke was cranking and after that, were 2 comedy shows. I couldn’t fall asleep to save my life until a little before midnight when the shows finished.

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