Looking ahead in 2014.

I’ve been back from my previous vacation for a few weeks now and I already feel like I need another one. Does that mean I’ll be taking one in the coming weeks? Nope. I can’t afford a trip every 3 weeks. I do have to go on vacation at least twice a year though. Miami, Music, and Maritime was my first for this year. Here is what is coming up in 2014 (and beyond).

I’ve mentioned this one before.
October 30th, I’ll be flying into San Juan, Puerto Rico for another trip. I booked my flight to San Juan but have yet to book a hotel or flight from Miami (since I’ll be on a repositioning cruise). The cruise will be on Carnival Splendor which will have 2 cruises with great itineraries, as it repositions from New York to Miami.
Photo Credit: Carnival Cruise Lines.

The itinerary includes:
-San Juan, Puerto Rico, departs 10pm
Sun -St. Croix 8-4
Mon -Martinique 10-6
Tue -Grenada 8-4
Wed -Dominica 8-4
Thu -At Sea
Fri -Grand Turk 9-5
Sat -At Sea
Sun -Miami, arrive by 8am

There are several people among myself looking forward to this trip. As much as I hate to hurry a spring and summer, I can hardly wait until this one. We’ve all been talking endlessly about it and we all know it’s going to be a crazy good time.

Also this year I’d like to visit my grandparents again in Georgia and maybe even spend some time in Atlanta.

Looking further ahead, I will probably be doing another cruise in spring 2015. I’m looking to visit the A, B, C islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) or perhaps return to Jamaica. It would be great to do both. Lets see what happens!

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