Miami, Music, and Maritime, Update

Those of you who follow my blog have known that I’m going to Ultra Music Festival in Miami this coming March. I had also booked a cruise for the week after to round-out the trip. Well here’s a short update.

Ultra Music Festival have released the playlist for UMF 2014. Its loaded with awesome artists. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get any sleep for those 3 days! Above & Beyond, Avichii, Kaskade, Zedd, Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Empire of the Sun, the just goes on! I do wish BT had would have been able to be part of it, but being he’s not under Ultra Records it probably wouldn’t have happened anyways. However, it will still be nuts!

Here is the list so far. Pretty Impressive.

I don’t really have any updates on any of the other parts of the trip. I had been really busy with my recent Caribbean vacation, and work, as always, is very busy. One thing I did was add “Faster to the Fun” on my cruise booking. This will allow me to board the ship faster than most and give me various perks. The perks consist of my cabin being ready when I board, priority tender boat line, use of a elite status help desk, and many other things. It will definitely be worth it this trip.

One other small note. I’m in the stages of planning a trip for November or December 2014

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Miami, Music, and Maritime, Update

  1. Hi Sean, Been reading your review on the Victory. (Found your Valor too – Neat!!) What a great read man! It’s really funny to follow your posts as you write details, take pics and get into the cool things many people don’t know about on board the boats from Destiny / Sunshine on up to the Breeze, like the fwd decks. It’s like reading and looking at my e-mails to friends or my CCL PVP from my trips. Honest! Your photo composition even looks like mine always aiming for the greatest effect, balance and colors. The fwd decks dictate my area to book a room, generally on Empress. You’d be jaw dropped at the Dream class though. Holy cool!! With the Deck 5 wrap promenade outside you can zip right up to 7, or in reverse in the morning to head out back aft. Just awesome!! Those decks are my get away / sactuary after a while, or at night star and moon watching with the wind and bow wave. Might sound weird, but I actually slept out there (sober) on my Breeze trip using the teak bench after our final port stop in Aruba. It was just too beautiful and with a moon. It was right outside my room so it was easy to grab my pillow, hooded sweat and kick off my tennies outside there. All night I had the area to myself and not a soul came through. I stood out beforehand and did time exposures of the moon with the clouds utilizing the ship as foreground. Some of the shots you can see the stars too. Very memorable trip and in fact my absolute favorite itinerary and cruise to date.

    Sucks about the music festival in Miami in March. What a circus! I love South Beach and the area there, but the crowd looked way excessive to point of unsafe if there was an incident. I saw Above & Beyond was listed from your post of the ad. WOW! I love their song Oceanic. I turn the headphones or CD player up in the truck for that one. (Great music!)

    I’m “booked” on a cancelled Victory cruise for Nov 6, lol. I say cancelled because CCL cancelled it in Feb for a charter. So I’m now searching for alts, maybe a different Victory going east or I’d really like to go back to Breeze. Tinkering with Freedom 5 night east too. I did Breeze and Magic’s Inaugural’s in 2012 and 2011 respectively. Kind of spoiled now, but seeing Victory before they quite likely remodel Caspian, Ionian Room and sports bar next spring might be neat. I’d say Breeze is better though and the Dream class is really great. No travel partner(s) yet as I’ve given up on trying to convince others this time around, so may go solo. I still try pitching the idea and have fwd some of your recent shots as screen grabs, but I can’t get their enthusiasm up for cruising to level of mine. It’s not a bad thing, but just gets tiring going over stuff to a dead end. I always get charged up and make up all the info in packs for everyone complete with laminated baggage tags, etc. I spare no energy to make it a neat time for all. It is always fun to have others along and have been lucky to have good travel friends, it’s just always schedules or something that complicates. Can get a single rate sometimes on certain cruises vs the 200% and I’ll watch that on GOCCL. There’s a list updated regularly (last 3-31) and listed by # of nights. It’s legit as I’ve tried doing a dummy booking and it comes up single fare for your own room, though they may ding you $50 to pick it. (Pick your room – I know. I’ve read about your music through the deck problem. I had it on Destiny’s Inaugural in room 6330. Heard every word and note.)

    I’m not a member of CC and thought maybe it would be fun to touch base through your travel blog. (Neat travels!) Hope you get this Sean! I’d post more contact info but can do so if we connect here.

    Take Care!

    Doug G in Milwaukee

    PS e-mail is not my name but is legit. Named after a Great Lakes ship.

    • Thank you, Doug!

      Glad to see another person as interested in cruise vacations as I am. Thank you for also taking the time to read through my review on Cruise Critic. I will be copy-pasting much of that review here this coming week. Also, because this is my personal blog website, I will most definitely be adding details and photos (and maybe video) I left out of my review on Cruise Critic. Stay tuned, as I will probably start no later than tomorrow. I enjoy the experience very much and like to share it as I feel others would as well. There are also people researching cruises who may not have cruised before and I hope that information or photos I provide might help them with their decision making.

      I have yet to cruise on a Dream Class ship. I’m looking at a couple future cruises at this time. One might be a 4 day on Fascination this summer (one of the non-200% single rate cruises), and another might be Breeze in spring of next year. At this time I’m looking at only one cruise for 2015. Experiencing the outside decks on Dream Class like you mentioned, sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to try them out. I may have to stop short of sleeping on a bench though as my back would never forgive me, haha. I’ll settle for an hour of stargazing at night.

      Stinks they bounced you out of a chartered cruise. I found Victory’s Eastern to be very simple port-wise, but great overall. It was certainly one of my better cruises. It would be tough to compare it to a much newer ship like Breeze I’m sure (like comparing Destiny to Dream), but you will still enjoy it. I will say though that Victory could use a dry dock visit sooner than later.

      Thank you, also for the compliments on my photos. I look forward to seeing yours at some point (I will probably contact you via email, later).


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