Caribbean Vacation Cruise, St. Thomas

Today’s port was St. Thomas.

Today started pretty early. Most days did really.

We had ordered room service early because we wanted to be off the ship early. We wanted to taxi over to Red Hook Bay, then take the water taxi over to St. John. I forget what time we arrived in port but it was indeed early.

Pulling into Havensight pier at St. Thomas.

Being prepared and with all our stuff together, we headed down to deck zero once we saw that the mooring lines were all tightened. This was really cool timing wise because we were the first guests off the boat. I let my mom go first down the ramp so she could have bragging rights but it was pretty cool. Vendors and taxis were still getting setup. We grabbed a cab with a pretty cool cabbie and made our way over to Red Hook Bay. I already knew much of the Virgin Islands history, but our cabbie gladly went through history and pointed out some sights to my mom on the way. I was still a little sleepy so I just let Mom enjoy what he had to say. We stopped at the water taxi terminal and waited maybe 10 mins, then boarded Caribe Time to take us to St. John.

I’ve been to St. John (this time now) 3 times. I always head to Trunk Bay and Cruz Bay. Its an awesome island with a small town kind of feeling where it seems everyone knows each other. Once we arrived we grabbed a truck taxi to Trunk Bay. None of the shops in Cruz Bay were open yet for Mom to look around. I’ve shown Mom my photos of Trunk Bay and she was not disappointed when we arrived. Because we arrived so early there was no gate guard and with the exception of a couple people, there was hardly anyone else.


Crowds started showing up around 10. Carnival and Princess cruise excursions showed up around then as well. I wouldn’t say the place was crowded, but it was getting a little busy. I wanted to snorkel the the underwater trail again, but it was starting to rain a little. Mom was looking to head back to Cruz Bay to check out some of the shops and get lunch.

Once back in Cruz Bay, Mom looked around some of the shops while I set about finding a cool t-shirt. We stumbled upon a shop being run by this pretty cool lady from Texas. She was great to talk to about living on the island but man, was she chatty. I really wanted to get some lunch! We wrapped up the convo and headed over to The Beach Bar for lunch after realizing most of the other places were only open for dinner. I should have just gone there in the first place. I had their awesome Beach Bar Nachos and 1 of both their signature drinks. Mom had their fish & chips which she said were delicious. I then bought one of their t-shirts for a buddy who I was there with for a bachelor party trip.

Here are some photos from Cruz Bay. Note the “woody” Suzuki Sidekick! I’m pretty sure it has a table for a roof! haha! Hope they use coasters on it!


After lunch we headed back to St. Thomas. We went back to the ship where mom headed to her cabin for a while. I went back off the ship and walked around for a while looking for some of the familiar places. Gone, was the Hubbly Bubbly where I got sick from inhaling too much shisha on the bachelor party trip. Some of the other bars were still there though. Walking back to the ship I witnessed two locals having a fairly minor car accident (look booth ways before pulling into traffic!).

I thought about taking the cable cars up to the vantage point, but it was starting to get close to time for everyone to get back. I made my way back onto the ship and made myself at home on my balcony with a Pina Colada. It was nice. Docked at the pier was Fountainhead. The yacht owned by the founder of Oracle. Staff were running all over it. Probably the largest and most extravagant yacht I’ve seen. Mom then came out onto her balcony. It was perfect timing too as she saw a sea turtle surfacing in the harbor next to the piers. She was thrilled.

The ship blew its horn to get the tardy guests back. We had a couple pier runners (probably from Senor Frogs). Afterwards we sailed away, bound for Barbados with one day at sea.


That night we ate in Scarlett’s Steakhouse. There were a group of obnoxious drunks seated 2 tables away from us. One of the other tables complained and the steakhouse supervisor came over to ask them if they could tone it down. Thankfully, they did for a while. Mom enjoyed her meal and I over-ate. Whoops. No ridiculous cheesecake though. Afterwards, Mom grabbed an ice cream then headed to her cabin for the night. I walked around to people watch some more. I wanted to meet up with some others my age, but didn’t make it to the opening of the dance club. I crashed shortly before 10.

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