Caribbean Vacation Cruise, Barbados

Today we in port at Bridgetown, Barbados.

We woke up and had some breakfast in Rosie’s. I generally like to have my breakfast and then watch us come into port. I noticed Mom appeared to think the same. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It was looking to be a beautiful day. As the ship started pulling into the harbor, we came in really close to a smaller freighter that was having its cargo swapped around. The port workers were doing it so fast and efficiently it was pretty neat to watch. Almost like a symphony of sea containers moving around.

Neat watching the activities around this ship.

As the ship’s mooring lines were being tied, we noticed a steel drum band setting up to play for the ship’s guest. They started playing right before we left to go ashore. The music was really a treat for my ears it was great to listen to them playing. We had plans though so we headed ashore.

Once ashore we noticed this yacht was in port with us. It was pretty nice, but something was a little off… It had fire damage! Near the top of the yacht, part had caught fire, doing extensive damage to the upper decks and starboard side. Some of the yacht’s crew were doing clean-up.

For Barbados, my mom had decided to get a day pass at the Hilton for the resort beaches, pools, and restaurant. We had originally talked about going to the Atlantic side to see the rock formations and beaches, but it was a long drive. Our cabbie said he was up for it, but we passed. As we approached the Hilton, our cabbie dropped us off in a slightly awkward location, but we walked around to the hotel lobby. Once inside the Hilton, we purchased our day passes. They included, use of the properties beaches, pools, courtyards, gym, towel service, lunch, and a drink. We started making our way around the property. It was a pretty nice place! Beautiful views! Nicely maintained pools and beaches. Very friendly staff. Very quiet hotel guests enjoying their stay. Mom chose well.

Now, here are photos from the Hilton in Barbados.


We stayed at the Hilton for a few hours. I spent a lot of time on their nice beaches and Mom happily spent most of her time under a pool umbrella to stay out of the sun. Lunch was served by the poolside restaurant/bar. Mom had a salad and I had mahi mahi tacos. Both were awesome! I didn’t want booze at this point, but I had to order a drink to get the included lunch. I opted for a coconut to drink out of. I cannot remember our waitress’s name, but she was very nice to us. While I finished my coconut, Mom bought a bracelet from a local vendor who the hotel allowed to setup on their property. A while later, we turned in our passes and checked out. Our cabbie returned to bring us back to the port. I snapped a couple photos of places we passed. One somewhat run-down building in particular was very photogenic. While stopped at a traffic light, our cabbie made conversation with an ex-girlfriend of his who was waiting in a bus stop along side the road. Normally I’d be like ‘WTH?” about it, but this was different. She had gone blind over the years and he checks up with her whenever he sees her. She seemed like a nice person too. It was actually nice to see this interaction. Now feeling a little humbled, we continued making our way back to port.


We arrived back in port. I felt a little bummed though as I wanted to experience more of Barbados, but time was just a little too much on the short side for us to get anything else in (great excuse to come back and visit for a land vacation, right?). Instead we headed to the shops. Mom wanted to find something for my brother’s girlfriend. I was looking for a magnet, t-shirt, and possibly a coffee mug. Touristy stuff, I know, but I wanted something. I stopped in a couple places noticing they mostly all had the same stuff. One store gave me a Caribbean dollar as change. I was happy about it though, another neat thing I picked up. After getting what I wanted, I filled out a port survey (no personal information needed) for a local girl who was having a tough time getting others to fill one out. Basic questions like “what did you do?” “How did you find out about it?” That kind of stuff. Afterwards, I met back up with Mom who was having a hard time finding a sea turtle souvenir that wasn’t cheesy. She gave up and we headed over to get our passports stamped at their customs station. At the station we knocked on the door and were met by a friendly official who was happy to tell us more about Barbados. We complimented how nice of a place it was and he gave us some friendly tips in case we chose to come back (I probably will).

We headed back to the Valor who was joined by a smaller Bahamian flagged ship. I made myself at home on my Balcony and listed to the steel drum band

The steel drum band was still playing and it was great music to my ears. Thankfully I had a balcony cabin on the side that made port, right above them! I headed onto the ship and immediately bought a pina colada to sip on while I listened to the steel drums and looked at all the scenery. This still included the ballet of sea containers, this time with just the vehicles moving them around since the freighter had departed. It was great to watch everything and I didn’t want to move from my balcony. What a great place. Eventually though, the inevitable happened. The band started to pack-up, the mooring lines slacked, and we had to be on our way to St. Lucia.

Leaving Barbados. What a beautiful end to a great day.

I got all cleaned up and met up with Mom for dinner in the dining room. That night we were seated next to a pretty grumpy older couple. I greeted them and the wife acknowledged me. Our head waiter came over to introduce himself and before he could, they barked out their order. Dang! At least let the guy tell you his name. Sheesh. We had to put up with them for a little while but enjoyed the dinner for the most part. I had the jerk pork which was pretty good. I forgot what Mom had, but she thought it was “meh”. She was really there for the warm chocolate melting cake, which she cleaned up faster than me, haha.

It was great to see my mom enjoy her time in Barbados today, and she was thrilled to have her passport stamped.

I wrapped up the evening about 10:30 after a short trip to the casino (lost $5)

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