Update: Winter Vacation.

Good Afternoon,

My suitcase is out and my swim trunks have been thrown-in. I have officially started packing for my upcoming trip. Most trips I usually don’t start to pack until the day before I leave. Vacations like this upcoming one though, I want to make sure I have everything together.

I’m really looking forward to just about every aspect of this trip. The flight, the stay in San Juan, and the cruise. I have to admit I am a little at odds though because It’s going to be a busy vacation with little R&R. San Juan will have the most down-time of the whole trip (with an exception of going to see a bio-luminescent bay). I’ve pretty much figured out all the things I want to do when it comes to sights and excursions. For the cruise, all islands except St. Lucia have been planned. St. Lucia is difficult because from what I see, it all seems awesome. It’s really hard to choose something when all the options are this good. Hiking the Pitons, Snorkeling, visiting Soufriere, seeing rainforests, etc… It is not easy! I suppose I will have it narrowed down by the time I get there. Sometimes going without a plan is even better though. You have the freedom to switch things up if you desire. I’ll get back to St. Lucia when/if I figure out what to do though, for now, here’s what I have planned for the other stops.


San Juan, Puerto Rico
-Tour Old San Juan
-Visit one of the three bio-luminescent Bays
-Try to see some of El Yunque.

St. Thomas
-Catch a taxi to Red Hook Bay, then water-taxi to Cruz Bay, St. John.
-Visit Trunk Bay
-Visit downtown Cruz Bay

Barbados (Bridgetown).
-Purchase a day-pass to the Hilton Resort for their beach/equipment/food

St. Lucia (Castries)
-dunno yet

St. Kitts
-Carnival based ATV tour

St. Maarten
-Maho Beach (to see the planes and ride the fence, duh!)

There is one sea day. I’ll try to book a behind the scenes tour of the ship and might get a mens spa service.
I’m still undecided as to what I’ll do once the ship returns to San Juan. The ship arrives fairly early in the morning and the plane leaves in the evening. There is a good amount of time in-between. A sensible plan would be to use a Carnival post-cruise excursion that takes/holds your bags for you. We shall see though. I’ll keep you up to date.

In the meantime… Here is a time lapse video of the Carnival Valor from when it sailed from Miami, Complete with the u-turn in the bay. Enjoy…

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