Been Busy!


Sorry for the gaps in postings. Its been a busy summer and fall for me. I do have trips coming up for this year and next though, so please stay tuned.

Here is a run-down of whats coming up.
November 29th, 2013.Short stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico, followed by a 7 day Southern Caribbean Cruise on Carnival Valor. The itinerary includes St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten. Air travel to/from will be JetBlue and lodging will be the Sheraton in Old San Juan. This was originally going to be a solo trip, but I convinced my mom (who needs a vacation) to come along and experience some of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Some places I’ve been before, most I haven’t.

March 28th, 2014. Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida, followed by a 5 day Bahamas Cruise on Carnival Victory. Ultra Music Festival is an “edm” (electronic dance music) event over the course of 3 days in Miami, Florida towards the end of Miami’s Winter Music Conference. The cruise will follow the day right after the end of the festival. The itinerary includes Half Moon Cay and Nassau of the Bahamas, and Grand Turk of the Turks and Caicos islands. The the stay in Miami will be with 4 others. The cruise is solo at the moment, but I expect that to change as the date gets closer. Air and lodging have yet to be booked.

April through May, 2014.Destination unknown. This is going to be a bachelor party trip. I can’t really comment much on this one yet as all included individuals have not been notified yet and the location will probably be kept secret until arrival. This will be a post-trip review with limited details. I will however have details about getting there, lodging, and stuff to do.

-2015 through 2016. – Vietnam is a possibility, Europe as well. I’d like to make it back out to California. Possibly Montana. Japan is also on the list of places to go.

Life should always be full of new experiences at new places.

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